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Manimal – Armageddon Review

There are some albums where after hearing them multiple times, I’ll continuously go back to revisit either one particular track or a sequence of tracks, and be left thinking to myself how much more I’d like the entire album if everything else could reach that same level. This happened to me with Purgatorio, the previous release by Swedish heavy/power metal band Manimal, with its super strong opening track “Black Plague” in particular bowling me over, and while the rest of that album was solid, the second half largely lost my attention and left me wishing I enjoyed it even half as much as the first few tracks. When I saw the band getting ready to release their next album, I was hoping they could release an album where everything impressed me, but suffice to say, their fourth and latest full length album, Armageddon, has given me the same feeling as its immediate predecessor.

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Firewind, Manimal & Scar of the Sun Live @ Camden Underworld, 19th February 2017

The new material and the focus for the night sits comfortably with the old and uber guitarst Gus G peels off lick after lick like the consummate professional he is. That doesn’t stop lead singer Henning Basse teasing him with a few glances at his watch as Gus pulls another solo out of the bag.