Interview with Mark Kendall (Guitar) (Great White)

As far as the accident itself, it’s the most horrific thing I’ve ever been through, and these days, I’m still on a daily basis in touch with a lot of people from Rhode Island. We’re very, very close with the people that started the fund the Station Family fund. It’s an ongoing healing process and we all stay really close. When we see each other it’s just hugs and love and that’s the way we get through it. You never forget about the people that were lost. You just don’t want to relive the accident itself every day. The people that were lost are in our memories.


Interview with Jack Russell (Vocals) (Jack Russell’s Great White, former Great White)

It’s the audience that keeps it fresh. If it wasn’t for the fact that crowds out there were having a great time and enjoying ourselves it wouldn’t be worth it. It’s so much fun to watch them. It enables us to still live out our dreams and make a living, making music. That’s all I ever want to do.

Album Reviews

Great White – Elation Review

it does sound, in certain places, like a pretty natural progression for the band to take, albeit with a different voice up front of course…