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Big Boy Bloater – “One of the greatest blues men of our time”

Interview by Adrian Hextall Big Boy Bloater & The Limits are getting some serious press at the moment. With great quotes and comments from artists and press alike, it’s no surprise that the big man of the British blues scene is making waves.  “One of the great blues men of our time” – Jools Holland […]

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Stoneghost – New Age of Old Ways Review

The powerful, angry debut from London’s Stoneghost has received wide praise with good reason. With influences from classic hard rock, as well as some grove and thrash metal, this makes for a diverse, yet cohesive record. As a small factoid on this record, it almost was never made.

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Robben Ford – Into The Sun Review

I’ll be completely honest and say off the bat…I’d never heard of Robben Ford before listening to this CD. Some of you will be asking ‘Where exactly have you been?’ I’m asking myself the exact same question. While listening to this, his follow-up to last year’s critically acclaimed A Day In Nashville, I decided to do a bit of digging. What I turned up astounded me. How had I not heard Robben Ford before?