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Gun Barrel – Damage Dancer Review

Oh dear, a band with such a -pardon me- cliché name clearly indicates what we’ve got to deal with, isn’t it ? And indeed, these guys from Cologne Germany deliver exactly what you would expect just because of that name: classic, old school hard rock with a kick ass mentality.

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Metal Inquisitor – Ultima Ratio Regis Review

Traditional Heavy Metal purists will find plenty to like about ULTIMA RATIO REGIS. The overall sound and production of the album feels a little thin on occasion, but it does add something to the authenticity of the older sound. The riffs are many, and apart from a handful of generic rhythm riffs, the guitar work as a whole is top-notch. METAL INQUISITOR’S fourth album is their most complete and relevant work yet and definitely deserves a fair go.

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Stormwarrior – Thunder & Steele Review

Germany’s Stormwarrior is not a hard band to figure out stylistically, not in the least. Looking through their discography, connections to Gamma Ray and Helloween are obvious

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Crystal Ball – Dawnbreaker Review

I’d even go as far as to say that vocalist STEVEN MAGENEY demonstrates that he’s got a versatile, powerful voice…but it’s all for naught if the material is too by-the-numbers, and that’s holding these guys back from the big big leagues of heavy metal.

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Darkane – The Sinister Supremacy Review

Lovers of extreme metal of this type will revel in the release of Darkane’s sixth album The Sinister Supremacy. I doubt it will have universal appeal across the metal spectrum, but lovers of melodic death and progressive thrash will find plenty to devour with this fantastic release.

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The Order – 1986 Review

THE ORDER aren’t necessarily directly influenced by any particular bands of the era, but 1986 is a great album title because as far as rock and metal goes it certainly was an epic year…one of the best actually…


Exclusive Interview With Octavio Custodio (Drums) (Disaffected)

we finished recording “Rebirth” we were pretty sure we had something really good on our hands. As such we sent a copy of our CD to a few record labels, Massacre Records included. We immediately had a few proposals back to study. All things considered, Massacre Records was the best deal