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James LaBrie – I Will Not Break EP Review

James LaBrie really had one hell of a 2013. He released a very good solo record in Impermanent Resonance and DREAM THEATER put out arguably their best album in over a decade. So, fresh off of accolades galore Mr. LaBrie has given the fans a digital EP entitled I Will Not Break, due out on January 14 via InsideOut Music. Featuring bonus tracks, demos, and uhhh…dub step/electro remixes of three songs off of 2010’s Static Impulse it’s a mixed bag of mostly stuff the die-hards already own, but it’s always nice to hear alternate takes in my book.


JAMES LABRIE: ‘Static Impulse’ Cover Artwork Unveiled

James LaBrie is best known for his gig as the lead singer of prog metal titans Dream Theater, and rightfully so. But Dream Theater are recognized mostly for the complexity and density of their instrumentation. With LaBrie’s solo album, ‘Static Impulse,’ which is due out Sept. 28 via InsideOut Music.