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Metal Allegiance – Metal Allegiance Review

Metal Allegiance is a musical collective celebrating the one thing that they/we all love. Thrash. The Tri Facta Team of Portonoy, Skloknick and Ellefson to create the foundation of these 9 little gems of headbanger candy is pure genius. The open creative door policy of Metal Allegiance is something that metal fans only dream about.

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Kaos – Validated In Blood Review

Once again I hear tips of the hat to TESTAMENT, SLAYER, EXODUS and MEGADETH, mixed with the slight modern overtones of the groovier acts like PANTERA, MACHINE HEAD and a tiny little bit of TRIVIUM…

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Knight Fury – Time To Rock Review

KNIGHT FURY was actually put together by none other that Chris Sanders from LIZZY BORDEN and also features MEGADETH bass player Dave Ellefson, ALICE COOPER BAND drummer Ken Mary and metal vocalist extraordinaire William King. A very juicy line-up indeed and the perfect combination of experience, skill and raw hunger…