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Elephants In Paradise – Extinction Trilogy Review

I wouldn’t sleep on Elephants In Paradise Extinction Trilogy. I rather liked this, and I feel like it would appeal to a wide variety of Metal fans, except for the elitist type that only listens to one type. There’s some good stuff here. Glad I didn’t let a couple of words talk me out of giving it a chance.

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Fallen Sanctuary – Terranova Review

I was curious to see exactly what kind of sound Fallen Sanctuary would go for since Serenity has a fairly traditional symphonic power metal sound, which has evolved somewhat over the years, but generally stayed close to a classic Euro power metal sound, while Temperance has more of a modern melodic metal style, with some power metal elements, so I was curious to see whether this new band would lean more towards one style or another

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Amorphis – Halo Review

‘Halo’ is a mature album that showcases a band that after three decades still has a passion for metal. There is no sign of tiredness or musical fatigue. Amorphis’ heart still pumps real metal through their veins which allows the six Finns to unleash an album that belongs already in early 2022 to the highlights of this year.

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Serious Black – Vengeance is Mine Review

I didn’t have particularly high expectations for Vengeance is Mine, but it ended up thoroughly blowing me away, and is easily my favorite Serious Black album to date! Fans of the band should be pleased, as it features the same mix of speedy power metal, more subdued melodic metal, complete with some hard rock influence in the guitar work, as well as a couple of fantastic ballads. Some folks may need time to adjust to the new vocalist, but I think he does a fantastic job and fits the band perfectly, while the songwriting here is easily the most consistently excellent work from the band to date. I highly recommend this album to any power metal fan looking for something on the slightly lighter side of things, while still having bursts of heaviness, and I hope the band can keep the momentum going for many more albums to come!

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Battle Beast – Circus of Doom Review

With this album, the band has brought back that mix of classic heavy/power metal and combined it with their more modern styling to help make for possibly their best album to date, and one that very much feels like a summary of their career up to this point, as well as one that builds on everything they’ve learned on their previous albums, taking what worked and building on it

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Matt Barlow (Vocals) Ashes of Ares on new record “Emperors and Fools” – “We’re Not In This For The Business Aspect Of It. We’re In It For The Love Of The Music”

“Gone” is one that’s pretty important to me. I just think it’s one that I wrote, really. All of that came from the heart. So I think people will hear that, I hope. That one. “I Am The Night” and “By My Blade”, are both comic characters, tribute to because I’m a comic fan. Comic nerd. We try to keep it as eclectic as possible.

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Daniele Mazza – Immortals Review

Daniele is an amazingly talented composer, who definitely is up there in the ultimate upper league of modern day composers in a way BEETHOVEN and WAGNER were in the 19th century, so are HANS ZIMMER, VINCE DICOLA, JOHN WILLIAMS and Daniele the ultimate composers for this kind of bombastic instrumental music nowadays.

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Temperance – Diamanti Review

Unsurprisingly, due to their ever-consistent release pattern, one such band with a highly anticipated new album for me was Italian melodic metal band Temperance, who has been a personal favorite ever since the release of their self-titled debut back in 2014. For the first few years of their existence, the band only showed signs of improving with age, hitting a massive peak in 2018 with their fourth release Of Jupiter and Moons. I wasn’t sure how they could top that one or its predecessor The Earth Embraces Us All, and sure enough their previous release, Viridian, was their first album I would consider a disappointment. It was still a great album, to be sure, but compared to their past releases it felt like they had oversimplified their sound a bit, like they were falling to the level of similar bands like Amaranthe and Metalite, instead of surpassing them as usual. With their recently released sixth full-length album, Diamanti, the band has mostly returned to form, not quite matching their best efforts, but still putting out a fantastic album that fully showcases their talents.

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Escape The Fate – Chemical Warfare Review

Chock full of driving anthems and softer moments that will garner them an army of fans, the guests are also supplemented with one Travis Barker, best known as the drummer for Blink-182, who makes a handful of appearances as well.