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Serious Black – Vengeance is Mine Review

I didn’t have particularly high expectations for Vengeance is Mine, but it ended up thoroughly blowing me away, and is easily my favorite Serious Black album to date! Fans of the band should be pleased, as it features the same mix of speedy power metal, more subdued melodic metal, complete with some hard rock influence in the guitar work, as well as a couple of fantastic ballads. Some folks may need time to adjust to the new vocalist, but I think he does a fantastic job and fits the band perfectly, while the songwriting here is easily the most consistently excellent work from the band to date. I highly recommend this album to any power metal fan looking for something on the slightly lighter side of things, while still having bursts of heaviness, and I hope the band can keep the momentum going for many more albums to come!

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Destiny – Time Review

Central America is not really associated with Metal, a very few number of bands are known and they are considered to be exotic. And to discover a real jam here is very surprising – the band Destiny from Costa-Rica which was formed in 2013.

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Axel Rudi Pell – Into The Storm Review

To me it’s one of the best records he has ever done and if you don’t listen so often to ARP you won’t recognize the similarities to previous records so much … yes, and old die-hard fans will love Axel for his continuity. That means: you can’t go wrong with “Into The Storm”. Buy it!


Exclusive Interview with Inner Siege (Melodic Power Metal) from USA

We know we don’t “Sound Like” Kamelot, but we are influenced by them greatly. Same with Dream Evil, though we probably sound more like them that any of the Euro bands. We probably didn’t choose our words as carefully as we should have. I think we confused some people when describing our music and describing the band. That was an accident

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Unisonic – Unisonic Review

For anyone not particularly close to the ex Helloween camp mates, Kiske a terrific vocalist that was part of this iconic power metal band from 1986 to 1993, and Hansen of course was one of the main songwriters and main guitar player in Helloween as well.