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Sunstorm – Brothers In Arms Review

Ronnie Romero is certainly one of the busiest singers these days. He was a part of the recent Michael Schenker Group album, released a solo record, and not forget Lords Of Black, the band that was both a start and a springboard for Romero.

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91 Suite – Back In The Game Review

And, if all that was said was not enough, the version “Nothing I Wouldn’t Do For You” features none other than guest vocalist Robin Beck, who joins the Spaniards, making it clear that 91 Suite’s music expands overseas and performing excellently, together with Jesús Espín, a great song that puts a beautiful final touch to Back in the Game.

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Ousey/Mann – Is Anybody Listening Review

These guys have it all packaged into something you tend to expect from Escape Music, the melody, and the hooks, are all there. Chris is a tremendous vocalist who’s work we always try to publish as it usaully stands out and is of high quality; and the rest of the band with Mann on guitars bring it all together as Top Notch Melodic Rock.

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Caught In Action – Devil’s Tango Review

Music, at its best, is a time machine. An album, a song, can transport back to a time of great memories, great friends, sad times, and tragic loss. It can remind you of so much, whether you want it to or not. Therefore, for me, when I hear something new that taps straight into that nostalgic vibe, if it is done properly, and without ripping it off and poking fun at it, I can love it as much as I do the classics. That same nostalgia is born again and may even create new memories.

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Journey – Freedom Review

Has it been 11 years since Journey came back into your living rooms? Remember the time? When the band was scouring youtube and found this Philippine sensation in Arnel Pineda singing all those great classic Journey cover songs? They hired the guy and some long-time Steve Perry fans will never forgive the band ever since?

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John Waite on New EP, Anything – I Wanted to Put Something Out For The Summer To Illuminate People’s Life!

John Waite is back and better than ever! John has always been synonymous with outstanding chart-topping songs for more than 35 years, like his 1984 hit “Missing You,” a #1 hit on the US Billboard Hot 100, and his success as lead vocalist for The Babys and Bad English. The legacy of John Waite is a beautiful monster of sound and vision, the chronicle of an authentic artist, a superstar, a seeker of truth, and a soother of hearts.

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Ronnie Atkins – Make It Count Review

I hope Ronnie Atkins remains healthy for many years to come and continues to bless us with such amazing music. I would love some more Pretty Maids music, but if Ronnie keeps pumping out stuff as awesome as Make It Count, I think I’ll be happy with that. If you haven’t already picked this up, I think it is a must-have.

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Altzi – All Eyes On Me Review

Overall, it can be said that ‘All Eyes on Me’ has become a good rock album. Melodies and the soul of rock music are well-balanced and make this solo debut a good soundtrack for the starting spring season. After a long winter, the sun rises over Helsingborg.

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Trigger Mafia – The Brotherhood Review

The band flirts with those tiny bits of sounds and pieces here and there to make their classic melodic hardrock sound original, diverse and authentic, and this can be heard throughout the whole album. Other highlights are the uptempo classic rocker Devil Woman, the instrumental 70s pomprocking Great Big Genius, the 70s RUSH/TRIUMPH ish classic prog/rocker The Brotherhood Song (which also has a bit of southern rock influences) and the 70s HANOI ROCKS/NEW YORK DOLLS ish glamrocker Backyard Barbeque. Without a doubt, a must-hear band to check out if you want to hear high class original Melodic Hardrock!