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Anacrusis – Suffering Hour/Reason Reissue Review

Over the years I have heard about Anacrusis being such an early pioneer of Progressive Thrash Metal, but I still never found their stuff to purchase (and usually never crossed my mind digitally.) Finally, their albums are being reissued and I have been given the chance to get to know them.

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Endseeker – The Harvest Review

Metal Blade Records presents the second full length of the Death Metal band Endseeker. Formed in 2014 in Hamburg, Germany, the five-piece act debuted with the acclaimed “Flesh Hammer Prophecy” two years ago. Their major influence seems to be the classic Swedish death metal scene, even though various music elements can be easily identified in their compositions.

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RAM – The Throne Within Review

This year marks the twentieth anniversary of the Swedish band RAM and Metal Blade Records presents their new studio album entitled “The Throne Within”.

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Tanith – In Another Time Review

Tanith’s first album, In Another Time, is just that and transports you back to when music was about chilling out and have a good time.


Amon Amarth Reveal ‘BERSERKER’, Their 11th Studio Album!

On the 3rd of May, melodic death metal Vikings Amon Amarth will release Berserker, their 11th full-length album, via Metal Blade Records in North America, and Sony Music Internationally.

Album Reviews

Redemption – Long Night’s Journey Into Day Review

I was cautiously optimistic before hearing Long Night’s Journey Into Day, and thankfully it managed to exceed my best expectations and has become both my favorite album from Redemption, as well as my favorite album involving Tom S. Englund in quite some time.