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Accept – Too Mean To Die Review

After listening to the album several times, the insight arises that Accept has not lost any of their strength on this album. There are no real innovations, but all songs on ‘Too mean to Die’ are 100% Accept anthems with all the unique features the band has established over decades. This album fulfills all expectations. Not more but certainly not less.

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Therion – Leviathan Review

“Leviathan” is the first part in the planned Leviathan trilogy, its sequels Leviathan II and Leviathan III are scheduled for 2022 and 2023 respectively. This new studio project is a skillfully crafted collection of charming melodies, interesting orchestrations and entertaining songs.

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Dark Tranquillity – Moment Review

With this new studio effort, Dark Tranquillity have chosen to keep the high quality standards for what their songwriting is concerned. “Moment” flows consistently, but it feels more like a safe passage in the three decades career of the band, as it has less impact than some of their previous releases like “Fiction”. The alternated clean vocals and death growls combined with the chilling keyboard parts are the strongest elements and they manage to keep the interest of the listener while the record flows. The contribution of the new guitar duo in the band’s overall sound could be defined as positive, hence, the audience remains with a feeling of hunger for more technical guitar parts and shredding. Overall, “Moment” sounds better and stronger than its predecessor “Atoma”, while it remains strictly loyal to the band’s own signature style.

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Cristiano Filippini’s Flames Of Heaven – The Force Within Review

Without a doubt, this is a highly recommended album to any fan of Neo-Classical European Melodic Hardrock/Metal in the style of KAMELOT, STRATOVARIUS, SONATA ARCTICA, LABYRINTH, etc., etc., which is thanks to superb songwriting, an excellent production/sound, picture-perfect musicianship and of course the lovely vocal work of Marco. You get a lot of value for your money because it has a playing time that almost reaches 70 minutes, so make sure not to miss this wonderful CD.


Paradise Lost – Obsidian review

After celebrating, or indeed, commiserating 30 years of their doom and death metal career, Paradise Lost, have decided to flip direction with their 16th release.

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Firewind – Firewind Review

It’s always a bit of a bold move when an already well-established brand, with a lengthy discography, decides to make a self-titled release, especially when such a release comes after a major lineup change. Needless to say, that’s exactly what’s happened with multi-national power metal band Firewind, a very well known, rather popular band within their field, who are now set to release a self-titled album as their ninth full-length release. After being quite impressed with their last album, Immortals, I was interested to see whether this new album would be as good as that one and after several listens, I am quite pleased to say it is indeed every bit as good, if not even better in spots.

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Havok – V Review

“V” is a solid thrash metal album that confirms that Havok is one of the most interesting bands of the genre. The American band continues their successful career with a more conventional studio album in comparison with its more adventurous predecessor. Despite being a safer choice in relation to “Conformicide”, “V” is a compact old school thrash offering enriched with sounds from various genres of metal music. Even if there is a modern production, the roots of the Bay Area and Teutonic thrash metal are very intense. This new record will please the fans of the genre.