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Psychotic Waltz – The God Shaped Void Review

Psychotic Waltz exited the Metal scene in 1997, right after having released the ‘Bleeding’ album. Some live shows that started in 2011 were a signal of some activities at the Psychotic Waltz camp, but a new album was still far out of sight. Songwriting for the new album though started in this period and it took another 7 years to finish off what began in 2012. Being at a different location, with Devon Graves living in Europe, made the process at least not easier with a lot of data traffic between the band members as a consequence, but they managed. Having had the chance to listen to the new album ‘The God-Shaped Void’ clearly shows that every minute spent for the new album during the last 7 years was worth the investment. ‘The God-Shaped Void’ is for sure a highlight in 2020 and an unofficial nominee for the 2020 year polls.

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Bad Wolves – N.A.T.I.O.N. Review

This album is one I feel every metalhead should give a listen to. Even if you’re a fan of just hard rock music, you most likely would enjoy this album! I can’t wait to see where Bad Wolves go on their tour, which can be found easily through their website!

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Leprous – Pitfalls Review

What do you get when you mix an amazing songwriter, depression, and a thirst to make a great album. The answer is An astonishing masterpiece called: Pitfalls by Leprous. From the first single on the album ‘Below’ to the very last epic, ‘The Sky is Red’. Throughout all nine songs…

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Vision Divine – When All the Heroes Are Dead Review

When All the Heroes Are Dead is another great album, which takes Vision Divine into a slightly more straight-forward, heavy-hitting direction compared to its most recent predecessor, largely cutting back on the prog elements…

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As I Lay Dying – Shaped By Fire Review

This is the band’s attempt to rise from the ashes after the latest release “Awakened” and it’s pretty clear from the titles and the lyrics of the new songs that the search for forgiveness and redemption is the main concept of their new record.

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Ark Ascent – Downfall Review

Downfall is an interesting release, in that parts of the album show a confident, extremely talented band that clearly has the instrumental talents and songwriting to challenge the best prog bands in the world, but it also has some points where it comes up just a bit short, largely due to some weak vocal melodies and an inconsistent vocalist.

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Pedophile Priests release new video and announce album release date

Dublin-based Pedophile Priests have premiered the much-awaited first single “Przeminęła” from their forthcoming sophomore album entitled “Cancer”, due for release on November 8th 2019 (full release details below). The title of the first single “Przeminęła” roughly translates from Polish to English as “Passed”, and the lyrics, which are also in Polish, deal with the challenges […]