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Ark Ascent – Downfall Review

Downfall is an interesting release, in that parts of the album show a confident, extremely talented band that clearly has the instrumental talents and songwriting to challenge the best prog bands in the world, but it also has some points where it comes up just a bit short, largely due to some weak vocal melodies and an inconsistent vocalist.

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Pedophile Priests release new video and announce album release date

Dublin-based Pedophile Priests have premiered the much-awaited first single “Przeminęła” from their forthcoming sophomore album entitled “Cancer”, due for release on November 8th 2019 (full release details below). The title of the first single “Przeminęła” roughly translates from Polish to English as “Passed”, and the lyrics, which are also in Polish, deal with the challenges […]

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Equilibrium – Renegades Review

‘Renegades’ showcases a band that doesn’t deny their roots while moving on by evolving their sound. The new album has the potential to score similar successes as the previous disc and can widen the fan base even more.

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Constantine – Aftermath Review

Aftermath is a great sophomore album for Constantine, with a wide range of styles, featuring some excellent guest performances from a few very well known vocalists


Interview with Bobby Liebling of Pentagram

Damn I can’t stand being a singer. I always wanted to be a lead guitar player. And guitar is always my thing. I’ve played guitar for close to sixty years

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Spirits of Fire – Spirits of Fire Review

If Spirits of Fire the album doesn’t force you to break out the leather studded armbands, the patch adorned denim vest and propel you to throw the horns up and bang your head, then you might want to check your pulse, because you might be dead.

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Týr – Hel Review

For the most part, Hel continues along the path of its three most recent predecessors, with the speedy power metal elements remaining a major focus, while the folk elements are largely found in the guitar melodies, and the prog elements are still there, but not as prominent as on their first four albums.