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Orpheus – Bleed The Way

The short and skinny of it is simple….This album kicks some serious ass and will surely put them firmly in the midst of international touring acts. I guess if you wanted to you could say that it’s not a whole lot different to a lot of the other melodic death metal released over the last five or six years, but ORPHEUS do it with such style and bravado that it all seems fresh again…

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Disintegrate – Parasites Of A Shifting Future

DISINTEGRATE play a very blackened version of thrash metal that combines speedy head-banging riffs with extreme vocals that blend between death metal like growls to black metal like screams. Yes the people that class this as a thrash metal album are pretty right on, but the closest thrash band I can compare them to intensity wise would be SLAYER…

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Jag Panzer – The Scourge Of The Light

JAG PANZER have returned with their first full-length album since the well-received 2004 long player CASTING THE STONES and while truthfully it’s pretty much more of the same, THE SCOURGE OF THE LIGHT is an album sure to please fans of the band and make a few waves in the traditional metal and power metal circles throughout the year…

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Athwart – Trademark of Hegemony

Throughout the album I could hear various influences ranging from SLAYER to SEPULTURA to KREATOR to VOIVOD and even DEATH which makes for a pretty lethal dose of pure old-school deathy thrash metal that is uncompromising and never tries to be more than it really is…

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Vivid Circus – Promo

While the band call themselves a hard rock outfit, which to so extent I agree with, they also have a strong leaning toward Dream Theater style progressive metal and even a bit of a NWOBHM influence here and there. This makes for a very interesting concoction, and one that is quite hard to place into a genre…

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Left Hand Path – Time To Die!

This little self-produced three track E.P comes with a warning about the fact that it was made with a mega-tight budget and is meant to be old-school underground dirty death metal. Luckily for me I already knew all of this before I received the promotional material from my earlier discussions with the band. Had I not been aware of this I might have been shocked enough to not even bother reviewing it…

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Denied – Seven Stars

So here we are couple of years later and yet again the band has self-released a four track demo titled SEVEN STARS. As far as I know the band are still signed with their label, so I’m not really sure why they have bothered self-releasing another demo, but oh well here it is to let’s take a look…

DVD Reviews

Accept – Metal Blast From The Past DVD Review

The seven videos being fair in quality and on the early “I’m A Rebel” video you have a very young Udo not featured in army attire yet, and looking very young maybe in his teens. One cool feature is the complete set of lyrics behind each album discography of the band, plus your customary behind the scene.