Interview with Rody Walker (Lead Vocals) (Protest The Hero)

We certainly wouldn’t go back to a record label. We’ve become very comfortable as an independent unit, but I don’t know if we’d go back to Indiegogo because I think it would be disappointing if we were to do it again and it wasn’t so successful. I really don’t want to set myself up for such disappointment. I think we’ll just figure out a way to fund it ourselves, and there is a bunch of different options. At the end of the day it’s kinda tweedle-dum or tweedle-dee.

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Emil Bulls – Sacrifice To Venus Review

Metalcore is not a style I’m necessarily big on. Nor am I a fan of the current radio style of rock and metal. There are aspects I definitely like, for instance the metal part of it can be quite good. I also appreciate the more melodic tendencies of the genre

Album Reviews

Nation Despair – Exitium Mundi Review

The band play a brand of death metal that combines the brutality of traditional death metal, with the more melodic and symphonic touched of the modern variety of death metal to find a really good balanced middle ground that should appeal to fans from both sides of the fence…

Album Reviews

Skin The Pig – Article XIX Review

With the band’s name initially leading me to believe I was listening to some gory type of extreme metal, I was totally taken by the structure of the songs and how well they play in they’re respective order. I don’t think that you will be blown away if you simply want to get lost into the bands complexity, because as state earlier, they mesh each genres into a full working clock