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Silent Force – Rising From Ashes Review

Personally though I would have seen a bit more musical adventure here and there. For example the rhythm section does a decent job here but is a bit too ‘invisible’ and when Alessandro starts a promising, almost prog like keyboard solo on ‘Living To Die’ it is sadly short lived.

Album Reviews

Alyson Avenue – Changes

I guess it pays to have some good known friends in the scene as the band has been around since 1989, on the new record “Changes” you have a host of guests spots on vocals as well, including the great Michael Bormann duet with Arabella on the ballad “Will I Make Love”.



I was pretty blown away and very proud to have recently learned that the Worlds # 1 Promotion Man “ Pete Bennett,” whom promotes all the big superstars believes in my crossover songs and is aboard with my manager apart of the team being put into place. He’s promoted all the greats The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Michael Jackson, Elvis, Kid Rock, Aerosmith…