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Kiske/Somerville – City Of Heroes Review

When the first Kiske/Somerville album was released in 2010, the album received good acclaim by both fans and the press. So, the question was: would there be a follow-up? Amid lots of speculation, everyone was hoping that there would be a follow-up to their first album. Michael Kiske and producer Mat Sinner mentioned to me in 2013 that a new Kiske/Somerville record is on the way and it would be great. Then two years went by and now “City Of Heroes” will finally hit the stores on April 17th. Can this album meet the high expectations created by the first album?

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Unisonic – Light Of Dawn Review

It’s really strange how fast time passes by. It’s been two years now since the German “supergroup” Unisonic released their self titled debut album and to me it doesn’t feel like such a long time. Speaking about this one Unisonic had to deal with very mixed reactions from the fanbase and critics. After the first “Unisonic” release, fans expected singer Michael Kiske to return to his Helloween-roots and at the end of the day this album sounded more like a mixture of Hard Rock and AOR instead of Power Metal. But what about the new album “Light Of Dawn”?

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Unisonic – Unisonic Review

For anyone not particularly close to the ex Helloween camp mates, Kiske a terrific vocalist that was part of this iconic power metal band from 1986 to 1993, and Hansen of course was one of the main songwriters and main guitar player in Helloween as well.