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Michael Schenker Group – Universal Review

The main part of Schenker’s list of releases is filled with solo albums and related bands like MSG (Michael Schenker Group). As MSG, Schenker has a new record in the starting blocks and begins to explore the outer space; at least musically with the record carrying the title ‘Universal’.


MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP & THE WILDHEARTS Make Stonedead Festival 2022 a must-see event

STONEDEAD’s stellar line-up continue to excite both classic and new rock fans in providing a unique one day, one stage festival where the music is loud, the beer and food are priced competitively, and you can camp / park 5 minutes from the level ground arena.

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I never wanted success but my brother always craved it. Michael Schenker discusses sibling rivalries

America was so excited to have them come over, then they left my picture out. I had a contract with them as the sixth-member for the album……, breach of contract. So, by leaving my name– my face out, Rudolf was able to fabricate an appearance over there as if nobody is missing.


Michael Schenker Fest To Release ‘Revelation’ on the 23rd of August!

Following on from the release of their successful debut album, Resurrection, MICHAEL SCHENKER FEST have completed the recordings for their second studio album, which is scheduled to be released on August 23rd this year worldwide through Nuclear Blast.

Album Reviews

Michael Schenker Fest – Resurrection Review

Michael Schenker Fest’s Resurrection isn’t as great as some of the past albums (there’s my meathead coming out,) but it is still one I can see me pulling out from time to time.