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Michael Schenker Group – Universal Review

The main part of Schenker’s list of releases is filled with solo albums and related bands like MSG (Michael Schenker Group). As MSG, Schenker has a new record in the starting blocks and begins to explore the outer space; at least musically with the record carrying the title ‘Universal’.

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Michael Schenker on New CD, Universal – My Songwriting Is Like a Kaleidoscope; It’s Always a New Picture After You Shake It!

The universe will never be the same after Michael has put forth this sonic guitar assault. Universal delivers precisely what you would expect from this legendary guitarist; crushing and memorable riffs, tastefully melodic solos, terrific guitar tone, and soaring vocals by Ronnie Romero [Rainbow, Vandenberg], Michael Kiske [Helloween], and Ralf Scheepers [Primal Fear].


MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP & THE WILDHEARTS Make Stonedead Festival 2022 a must-see event

STONEDEAD’s stellar line-up continue to excite both classic and new rock fans in providing a unique one day, one stage festival where the music is loud, the beer and food are priced competitively, and you can camp / park 5 minutes from the level ground arena.


Interview with Dario Mollo – guitarist / songwriter – Voodoo Hill

With a career which started in 1981, with the Heavy Metal band Crossbones, and subsequent work with such musical giants like Tony Martin (Black Sabbath), Graham Bonnet (Rainbow, MSG), Don Airey (Rainbow, Ozzy, Deep Purple) and several others, Dario Mollo has worked with some of the greatest names in rock. The Voodoo Hill albums with Glenn Hughes have always marked a special milestone in Dario career and the latest helps cement his reputation further.

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Michael Schenker’s Temple of Rock live at O2 Academy Bristol on 19th December 2014

With the word legend thrown around so freely these days it starts to become almost redundant to use it but sometimes it’s actually justified. Michael Schenker truly is a legendary guitarist and this gig has further proved it to me. This was as close to the perfect gig as I’ve been to in a very long time and will be one I speak about for years to come. I’m not ashamed to admit that I will be worshipping at the Temple Of Rock for a long time and spreading the word with all the evangelical fervour I can manage. I’m off to start a countdown clock to 23rd March next year when the new album (“Spirit On A Mission”) comes out.

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Exclusive Interview with Michael Schenker (Guitars) (MSG, UFO, Michael Schenker, Scorpions)

Well its all development, everything was special at the time when it was done because it was always the now. I don’t really necessarily look back. If I look back I had a great journey for sure. I like the now because the past has been done. I dealt with it and so my focus is more on the now that even in the future. I may have a blueprint of what is coming up,eg of what the tour is..the dates.I don’t know what I am going to be doing further down the road.”

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Stargazery – Eye On The Sky

So I must say it’s very refreshing to be able to consider this album as pure and simple good old HEAVY METAL. Sure, there are some power metal and melodic metal elements here, but both of those genres stemmed from traditional metal anyway. For comparisons look no further than DIO, ASTRAL DOORS and Tony Martin era BLACK SABBATH…