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Mushroomhead – The Righteous & the Butterfly Review

There are not many bands who can survive a 20 year career in the music business, but after the impressive release of The Righteous & the Butterfly, it is evident that the mighty Mushroomhead are nowhere near reaching their swan song just yet. 13 amazing tracks (excluding Qwerty) make up this incredible album, and 13 amazing tracks are going to be spinning on your Ipod for years to come. 2014 is the year of Mushroomhead. Let us only hope that this is the year that they hit the big time!


Interview with Skinny (Drums) (Mushroomhead)

The twentieth year to the day was October 23. So this is our full year of celebrating twenty years. Hey, after twenty years, you celebrate the whole fuckin’ year, man (laughs)! And this album is really how we’re doing it