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God Is An Astronaut – The Beginning Of The End Review

Fans of God Is An Astronaut may have to do a slight double take with the Post-Rock outfits latest release as the title is familiar but different. Celebrating the 20th anniversary of their debut, ‘The End Of The Beginning’, has given the band a chance to revisit and reimagine the songs. Recorded in a single day in Windmill Lane, Dublin in late 2021, it has brought two decades of musical evolution, both in ability and technology, to bear as the band breathe new life into these set staples.


Acclaimed Rockers ALTER BRIDGE Announce New Album Pawns & Kings Scheduled for Worldwide Release on October 14th via Napalm Records

    Since 2004, acclaimed rockers Alter Bridge have been known for their memorable riffs, infectious vocal melodies and dueling guitar attack that has garnered them critical and fan acclaim around the globe. Now the quartet comprised of Myles Kennedy on vocals/guitars, Mark Tremonti on guitars/vocals, Brian Marshall on bass and Scott Phillips on drums are back […]

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Victorius – Dinosaur Warfare Pt. 2 – The Great Ninja War Review

Some albums are simply meant to be pure fun, and that’s exactly what Dinosaur Warfare Pt. 2 is. Anyone expecting any deep or thoughtful lyrics clearly shouldn’t bother with this one, as it’s every bit as silly and cheesy as power metal is known to be…

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Civil War – Invaders Review

When I first heard Civil War would try and continue after finishing their initial trilogy, and with a new singer, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but now that Invaders is here it’s safe to say, the band is still very much on top form!

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Audrey Horne – Devil’s Bell Review

Bergen-based rock’n’roll outfit Audrey Horne belongs to the top of the European hard rock bands and six albums speak the clear language of rock’n’roll. High energy and an unbound passion for their music are what make the band stand out.

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Evergrey – A Heartless Portrait (The Orphean Testament) Review

Over the years, Swedish progressive metal band Evergrey have proven themselves to be one of the most unique, as well as most productive and consistently entertaining bands in their genre. While early works such as In Search of Truth and The Inner Circle are likely never going to be topped as their overall best albums

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Alestorm – Curse of the Crystal Coconut Review

While I was initially a bit worried, Curse of the Crystal Coconuts has turned out to be yet another excellent Alestorm album. At this point, fans know what to expect, as this is yet another collection of insanely goofy, wildly entertaining pirate themed tracks, with a steady balance between power, folk and symphonic metal, as well as the occasional more epic sequences. Despite a couple weaker tracks, the album is amazing overall, with some of the band’s absolute best work to date, spread out fairly evenly throughout the album. Fans of the band are sure to love this, while anyone looking for fun pirate themed metal would be highly recommended to give this a listen, as it’s every bit as good as any other Alestorm album.

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Delain – Apocalypse & Chill Review

In a recent review, I commented on the importance of naming an album, and how some bands tend to be more creative with their album titles, while others tend to play it fairly safe. I’ve seen plenty of interesting album titles in recent years, as well as plenty of forgettable ones, but one that instantly raised my eyebrows upon seeing it is Apocalypse & Chill. Yep, that is indeed the title of Dutch symphonic metal band Delain’s sixth full-length release, and it sure is a strange one. Oddly enough, though, upon listening to the album, the name actually starts to make more sense, as it both gives an idea of what to expect from the lyrical concepts, as well as accurately describing the music pretty well.

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Temperance – Viridian Review

Overall, I find Viridian to be a slight disappointment, as it ends the band’s trend of getting better with each release, and instead ends up falling a bit short, but it’s still yet another great release, with plenty of extremely catchy choruses, great instrumental work and some truly outstanding vocals and vocal melodies, as always.