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Alestorm – Curse of the Crystal Coconut Review

While I was initially a bit worried, Curse of the Crystal Coconuts has turned out to be yet another excellent Alestorm album. At this point, fans know what to expect, as this is yet another collection of insanely goofy, wildly entertaining pirate themed tracks, with a steady balance between power, folk and symphonic metal, as well as the occasional more epic sequences. Despite a couple weaker tracks, the album is amazing overall, with some of the band’s absolute best work to date, spread out fairly evenly throughout the album. Fans of the band are sure to love this, while anyone looking for fun pirate themed metal would be highly recommended to give this a listen, as it’s every bit as good as any other Alestorm album.

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Delain – Apocalypse & Chill Review

In a recent review, I commented on the importance of naming an album, and how some bands tend to be more creative with their album titles, while others tend to play it fairly safe. I’ve seen plenty of interesting album titles in recent years, as well as plenty of forgettable ones, but one that instantly raised my eyebrows upon seeing it is Apocalypse & Chill. Yep, that is indeed the title of Dutch symphonic metal band Delain’s sixth full-length release, and it sure is a strange one. Oddly enough, though, upon listening to the album, the name actually starts to make more sense, as it both gives an idea of what to expect from the lyrical concepts, as well as accurately describing the music pretty well.

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Temperance – Viridian Review

Overall, I find Viridian to be a slight disappointment, as it ends the band’s trend of getting better with each release, and instead ends up falling a bit short, but it’s still yet another great release, with plenty of extremely catchy choruses, great instrumental work and some truly outstanding vocals and vocal melodies, as always.

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Victorius – Space Ninjas From Hell Review

Aside from that slightly anticlimactic ending, Space Ninjas From Hell is another triumph for Victorius, as it’s possibly their best, most consistently entertaining and delightfully cheesy release to date, with some of their tightest, most energetic songwriting so far.

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Hammerfall – Dominion Review

For the longest time, I used to consider Hammerfall as one of those “singles” bands, where each of their albums would have maybe 2-5 excellent songs I played over and over, while ignoring the rest, but over time I’ve grown to enjoy almost all of their work.


HAMMERFALL To Release New Album ‘Dominion’ This August!

Hammerfall have announced their latest album, ‘Dominion’, which will be released on the 16th of August via Napalm Records. First single ‘(We Make) Sweden Rock’ is out now, and pre-order is available with exclusive bundles!

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Warkings – Reborn Review

For a first attempt at making metal from a band whose members one would expect to be largely out of date with modern trends, I’d say Reborn is an excellent debut

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Dee Snider – For The Love of Metal Review

This was an album with no record deal, being paid for out-of-pocket, and from the number of artists who flocked to this project to lend their support and their creativity, it should have come as no surprise when a major label like Napalm snapped it up for a world-wide release.