Kelly Keagy, the drummer, co-lead vocalist and co-founder of the acclaimed, multi-platinum and long-running band Night Ranger, is taking a temporary leave of absence from the band during April and May


Interview with Jack Blades Singer/Bassist Night Ranger and Revolution Saints

Since I last chatted to Jack in the summer there has been a flurry of activity from the man and several musical releases. A new Night Ranger album and extensive touring has recently been followed by a debut from Revolution Saints a band with Doug Aldrich and Dean Castranonovoof Journey. Night Ranger also have just announced some rare UK shows..Plenty to chat about then when I talked to Jack again last week.


Interview with Joel Hoekstra (Guitars) (Whitesnake, former Night Ranger)

Everything is under wraps and top secret in that department. The only thing that I can tell you is that its is really cool. Its great, straight ahead rock&roll. Blues inspired rock that you have known and grown to love coming from Whitesnake. We are not going to hit anybody with a formula change and move to smooth jazz. Working with David so far has been great, he is just an unbelievably great guy

Album Reviews

Night Ranger – High Road Review

Another institution in Rock is about to release a new album these days: the new effort from the American arena-rockers Night Ranger is called “High Road” and singer Jack Blades describes it as the perfect summer feel-good record. Their last album “Somewhere In California” was released three years ago and had everything a Night Ranger fan could ask for.