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Marko Hietala – Pyre Of The Black Heart Review

This is an amazing album, though for me, if I heard a few more Power house songs, it would have for sure been a 10/10. But, I believe this is an album is perfect coming forth, first step, into the solo artist scene! This is an album that any Power Metal lover will want to get their hands on! Hopefully we might see a tour coming from the group in the future!


Tarja Turunen (Ex-nightwish) On Her Former Band – Completely Embracing The Whole Body Of Work That I Did With The Band And The Beautiful Work That We Did Together

I still keep on learning and I hope that will never end. Because it would be very horrible for me one day wake up and say in the morning, “Hey now I know everything about lyrical singing.” Or, “Hey now I know everything about singing in general.” Oh my God, That would be the worst day of my life, I mean, really. There is always, always room to learn.


NIGHTWISH start pre-order and reveal tracklist for Decades

Tuomas Holopainen’s 3-track demo earned him his first record deal with his freshly founded band NIGHTWISH back in 1996. 20 years later, with over 2,000 shows played and more than 8 million records sold – NIGHTWISH are the biggest European symphonic metal band.