Live Gig Photos

Monster Magnet live at Rock City, Nottingham, on February 13th, 2015

For me, this band are a modern day, rock riff heavy Hawkwind, who love to produce mind altering, thought provoking metal. Dave Windorf actually thanked us all for appreciating intelligent music at one point, going on to say he appreciated the fact that their are still people out there who are willing to think for their music.

Danger Danger - Ted Poley
Live Gig Photos

FireFest : The Final Fling, Sunday, Rock City, Nottingham, October 26 2014

So this is it, the big one, the final day. The opportunity for Firefest to go out in style is massive as the line up includes yet more ‘firsts’ for the public. It’s the first time Autograph and Brother Firetribe are playing in the UK. It’s also the first time the original line up of Danger Danger have played over here in years so expectations are also high.

Live Gig Photos

Turisas, Revoker and Astro Henge live at Rock City Nottingham, UK on October 10th, 2013

Dubbed as being one of the most charismatic bands on the scene today, I could easily see why, as all that Tunisas are, is captured in their live act, fun, energetic, powerful and above all, a way for a crowd to let go and enjoy themselves, for the hour or so they are with the band. A Top night of BATTLE METAL was had by all!