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One Machine, Vader and Overkill – 13 April 2016, O2 Academy, Islington, London – UK.

Vader delivered a mixed set with songs from their albums dating back to the early 90’s to their more recent album, Tibi Et Igni, from 2014. Their mix of songs played perfectly to the crowd – old grizzly metal heads in their sleeveless denim jackets along with newbie metal heads some of whom were attending their first metal concert.

Live Gig Photos

Symphony X and Overkill live at The Fillmore, Charlotte, NC on October 15th, 2015

Despite Russell not feeling great, he still gave a masterful performance, wearing various masks, wielding a cane, and taking on various roles acting out portions of the songs. Since the current album is their interpretation of Dante’s Inferno, there was darker lyrical content, and it was brought to life with his gesturing, not to mention the fact that Allen is one of the best singers in metal today


Interview with Bobby “Blitz” Ellsworth, (Vocals) (Overkill)

Don’t air your dirty laundry in the press and presenting yourself with one unified voice. When you hear that, “so and sos a pain in the ass” or “we could have done better” – you will never hear that from Overkill.

Live Gig

Overkill / Symphony X, House of Blues, Chicago, Thursday 24th September 2015

It’s a warm late summer’s night in Chicago,and the windy city’s House of Blues is about to become the house of metal. In a treat for fans of heavy music, a double billing of epic proportions has just begun its US run, and tonight it’s the Illinois capital’s turn to witness the pairing of two of heavy music’s most respected acts. With pioneers of thrash Overkill joining forces with symphonic behemoths Symphony X, it’s a show that offers equal parts spit and polish; with New Jersey’s grimiest band pitted against one of its most progressive.

Album Reviews

Overkill – White Devil Armory Review

With this album OVERKILL prove once again that after 30 years they haven’t lost a single step. In fact, they seem to have gained a few. This just might be their best work since Necroshine, and yeah, you can quote me on that. White Devil Armory drops July 22 via eOne Music. Best when played LOUD!!

Live Gig Photos

Overkill Live at The Academy in Dublin on March 15th, 2014

Nice mix of old classics and newer songs in the set list, and the show just seemed to fly by. Encoring with “Horrorscope”and their long-standing and much played Subhumans cover of “Fuck You””The crowd surfers and pits were like experiencing time travel and it was a gig back in the eighties all over again.

Live Gig Photos

Kreator, Overkill and Warbringer live at Stage 48 NYC, on November 23rd 2013

A steeple of consistency Overkill has been, probably more underrated then anybody out there, another legendary band in the genre with a storied career that just keeps plowing away with no sign of stoppage any time soon. If you call yourself a true metalhead and never seen Overkill live, wake up and smell the napalm in the air, cause it’s bloody powerful.