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Pagan’s Mind – Full Circle Live At Center Stage Review

I don’t watch as many music DVD’s as I probably should, or as much as people would think as big a music/live music freak I am. I have nothing against them, I’ve just never found them to capture the true essence and spirit of being in that crowd, sweating, laughing, singing along, feeling the music pour through your body, connecting each individual sonically for the length of that show.

Album Reviews

Pagan’s Mind – Heavenly Ecstasy

It seems like a bulk of the new music here is more cerebral then on previous records, but they do it in a way without compromising their patented sound. A true return to form lobbying on the great traits that made the band break ground in the scene a few years ago.

Album Reviews

Robin Beck – The Great Escape

The title track has some inspired high rising guitar lead reminds me in places of some House of Lords material, which doesn’t surprise me sine James was had an integral part on Robin’s new record, the opening keyboards are somewhat memorable also.He also lends his power vocals in the chorus on the potent “All The Rivers” with a chunky AOR groove.