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Interview with Dan Reed (singer \ songwriter – Dan Reed Network) Part II:

Our second chapter moves away from the band, the reunion and future albums (New album due out on Frontiers records in May 2016!) and begins to look at the more personal factors that impact Dan, his friends, his family and his country. More importantly, he is passionate about the world and its ongoing survival. To much for one man to take on you may think… that doesn’t stop him providing valuable insight into what we can all do to better ourselves and more importantly better the lives of others. Reed [sic] on…

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Skid Row – Rise of the Damnation Army – United World Rebellion: Chapter Two Review

Rachel Bolan states: ‘We wanted to do something different and the idea of releasing three mini albums, appealed to me. Especially with the constantly changing musical climate I liked the idea of a steady flow of new music we decided to release it this way to keep new music coming for our fans.’