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Heart “Beautiful Broken” Album Review

Genre: Hard Rock. Folk Rock Released by: Concord Music Group Release date: 8 July 2016 Tracklist: 1. Beautiful broken 2. Two 3. Sweet Darlin’ 4. I Jump 5. Johnny Moon 6. Heaven 7. City’s Burning 8. Down on me 9. One word 10. Language of Love Line Up: Ann Wilson – Vocals, autoharp Nancy Wilson – Guitars, mandolin, […]

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The Barb Wire Dolls “Desperate” Album Review.

Genre: Grunge/Pop-punk Released by: Motörhead Music (UDR Music) Release date: July 22nd 2016 Tracklist: 01. Listing: Drown 02. Take me Home 03.Heart Attack 04. Desperate 05. Blind to Your Misery 06. I Will Sail 07. Darby Crash 08. Problem of the Poet 09. Rhythm Method The Band: Isis Queen – Vocals Pyn Doll – Lead Guitar […]

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The Dirk Scheuer Softcore Explosion – Nulla Vita Sine Musica

An interesting array of influences are shown in the promo pack, for instance apparently Dirk was influenced by a very and still underrated guitar man, the late Tommy Bolin and I can actually hear some similarities in it’s music for instance on the instrumental, fusion track “Organic Tubes” you can sense a little of the style of playing that Bolin experienced before he joined Deep Purple for that tragic period in time, more loosely resembling his stint in Zephyr.

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Dust Of Everday – Dust Of Everday

A case of seemingly loosing track of any unknown not mistaken identity. I don’t think the band wanted to sound like this, I mean their Gothic laden tunes are fine, but when they switch from a ballad, to a downer folky tune in “Queen of the Night” it tends to loose interest in the listening experience.

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Michael Stanley – Just Another Night

The Michael Stanley Band was formed by Stanley in 1974 with singer-songwriter–lead guitarist Jonah Koslen, former Glass Harp bassist Daniel Pecchio and drummer Tommy Dobeck. The band called it quits in 1986. But later Stanley continued performing throughout Ohio with his band The Resanators.

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Paul Young – Chronicles

Chronicles’ is a celebration of his life that are carefully acclimated for a special laid back listening experience. A real surprise this early year and one which fans of Young will enjoy, glad to see Escape music compile and finally release these new never before unheard songs from a great musician.