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Interview with Fernando Ribeiro Of MOONSPELL

We already recorded the supposed EP songs and they sound brilliant, much better than our expectation, especially considering I am using Portuguese all the time. It’s a concept about The Great Earthquake of Lisbon in 1755


Exclusive Interview With Octavio Custodio (Drums) (Disaffected)

we finished recording “Rebirth” we were pretty sure we had something really good on our hands. As such we sent a copy of our CD to a few record labels, Massacre Records included. We immediately had a few proposals back to study. All things considered, Massacre Records was the best deal

Album Reviews

Iberia – Revolution Review

There’s a mixture of more traditional party rockers (REVOLUTION, ALL NIGHT FLYING, SHE DEVIL, HOT IN LOVE), a couple of slightly heavier beasts (TIRED, N.I.T.R.O) and then you have TIRED, which is a heavier track again featuring a guest vocal from MOONSPELL frontman Fernando Ribeirio, and also an up-to-date remake of the band’s most well-known track HOLLYWOOD