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Matt Barlow (Vocals) Ashes of Ares on new record “Emperors and Fools” – “We’re Not In This For The Business Aspect Of It. We’re In It For The Love Of The Music”

“Gone” is one that’s pretty important to me. I just think it’s one that I wrote, really. All of that came from the heart. So I think people will hear that, I hope. That one. “I Am The Night” and “By My Blade”, are both comic characters, tribute to because I’m a comic fan. Comic nerd. We try to keep it as eclectic as possible.

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Daniele Mazza – Immortals Review

Daniele is an amazingly talented composer, who definitely is up there in the ultimate upper league of modern day composers in a way BEETHOVEN and WAGNER were in the 19th century, so are HANS ZIMMER, VINCE DICOLA, JOHN WILLIAMS and Daniele the ultimate composers for this kind of bombastic instrumental music nowadays.

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Rhapsody of Fire – Glory for Salvation Review

Despite my issues with the title track and a few odd decisions here and there, I still greatly enjoy Glory for Salvation, and consider it as yet another excellent Rhapsody of Fire release, as well as one of their better albums to date. It’s a very diverse album, with many different sounds and many different moods, and it does an excellent job of showcasing Giocomo Voli’s vocals, as well as Alex Staropoli’s keys and symphonic arrangements. Songwriting is generally excellent, performances are excellent across the board, and there’s a good amount of variety to it, that fans of the band with different tastes should all find something to like here.

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Burning Point – Arsonist of the Soul Review

Overall, Arsonist of the Soul is a very fun, high energy power metal album with consistently impressive songwriting and performances throughout, to help make it my favorite Burning Point album to date. New singer Luca Sturniolo shows great promise overall, and while I think he has some room to improve, he fits the band’s sound very nice, and I think in the future he could prove to be the perfect fit for the band. As is, this album is a very easy recommendation for any power metal fan looking for some mostly classic sounding Euro power metal, with a few modern touches here and there.

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Manimal – Armageddon Review

There are some albums where after hearing them multiple times, I’ll continuously go back to revisit either one particular track or a sequence of tracks, and be left thinking to myself how much more I’d like the entire album if everything else could reach that same level. This happened to me with Purgatorio, the previous release by Swedish heavy/power metal band Manimal, with its super strong opening track “Black Plague” in particular bowling me over, and while the rest of that album was solid, the second half largely lost my attention and left me wishing I enjoyed it even half as much as the first few tracks. When I saw the band getting ready to release their next album, I was hoping they could release an album where everything impressed me, but suffice to say, their fourth and latest full length album, Armageddon, has given me the same feeling as its immediate predecessor.

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Brainstorm – Wall of Skulls Review

At this point, there’s no need to go into detail on how recent world events have affected the music industry, but suffice to say, pretty much any band in the world has had to adjust in some way or another. It can be especially hard for a band who seemed to be gaining momentum in a big way in recent years, such as German power metal band Brainstorm, coming off possibly their most successful and well-regarded album to date in Midnight Ghost.

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Arion – Vultures Die Alone Review

My issues with Vultures Die Alone are largely subjective, so anyone who enjoys Lassi Vääränen’s voice will most likely have a better time with the album than I did. On a purely musical level, I’d say it’s about on with Arion’s previous releases…

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March In Arms – Pulse Of The Daring Review

Hold your horses and stop for a minute, because MARCH IN ARMS from Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States is a superb sensational band you absolutely don’t want to miss, because they are playing high-class Melodic Metal like a mix between EVERGREY, PAGAN’S MIND, BALANCE OF POWER and ICED EARTH, with here and there some 80s melodic heavy rock/Hardrock influences as well.