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Huntress – Spell Eater Review

HUNTRESS have accomplished something a little special here with SPELL EATER, and I think in all fairness they have the right sound to escape the ‘female-fronted metal’ tag…

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Empires of Eden – Channeling the Infinite Review

The intensity of the music is what gets the record flowing with a charge from the onset. Marshall does a great job of laying down some dominating heavy metal/power metal riffage and lyrics that people like Rob Rock and UDO could just run away with. It shows on the opening track “Cry Out” which is led by a classic Rob Rock proving why he’s the king of melodic metal.

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Rizon – Masquerade Review

One thing that does set them apart from most other bands of this genre is the fact of having a male and female singer. I’d probably like it a lot more if it was only the female voice. Seraina Telli’s vocals are powerful and beautiful, whereas Matthias Götz voice isn’t bad per se, it’s just not very unique beyond having a (laugh if you will) almost pirate quality to it. It just didn’t appeal to me.

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Cyanide Scream – Unfinished Business Review

Steve Cone has been writing music in this style for a long time now and it’s clear that he knows what he is doing, the vocals have all of this cool little touches you would expect from a release with such an eighties background…

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Nightqueen – For Queen and Metal Review

I’ll be the first to admit, I’m a sucker for women in metal/hard rock. I have been since the days of Lita Ford, Vixen, and Doro Pesch in Warlock as well as solo. Perhaps it’s a carnal thing but truthfully it’s more to do with the fact that having a female in this genre automatically sets a band apart from most others.

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Unity – Reborn Review

and while I still feel Donoso has much to learn there has definitely been an improvement in his singing capabilities.


REVERENCE: A New Power Metal Band Featuring Members of SAVATAGE – TOKYO BLADE – Jack Starr’s BURNING STARR – New album due in early 2012.

REVERENCE: Will be unveiling the album cover art for their highly anticipated debut album entitled, “WHEN DARKNESS CALLS” on March 17th 2012 at the band’s Official website:

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Domination Black – Dimension: Death Review

The overall dark tone of the opener remains (as does the interesting keyboard sound), though the guitars mostly taking center stage, and there’s a good mix of fast and mid-tempo songs, with each song having a mix of great riffs and even better melodies, giving plenty of room for Matias to shine.