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Power Quest – Sixth Dimension Review

I wasn’t too excited by Ashley Edison when I first heard him on the title track of Face the Raven, which also appears on this album along with “Coming Home”, but overall I think he does a pretty solid job.

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POWER QUEST Upcoming EP: ‘FACE THE RAVEN’ – Sept. 2016

POWER QUEST has been one of the most prominent Power Metal acts worldwide; their upcoming works will continue proving that notion. The band has been around since early 2000 and has been constantly recording and setting up tremendous live stage acts. With five studio albums under their belt including the stellar “Neverworld” and the most […]

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Power Quest – Blood Alliance

Man have I been waiting for this for a long time, not the album in particular per se, but more just for an album from Power Quest that I don’t have any complaints about. Their last few albums have all been pretty decent but each one has had particular faults that made them hard for me to really enjoy…