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“With a tip of the hat I bid you welcome”, Urban Breed explains the story of Serious Black’s Magic

And I said “this Bob, this right here is gonna be our The Number of the Beast. It’s gonna be our Balls to the Wall. This is what this is gonna be. We’re gonna play this all the time.” Unfortunately, Bob is not with us. But you are right. I am pretty sure we will always going to play this song.

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Vexillum – Unum Review

It isn’t too common to find a power/folk metal hybrid anymore, but one country that has proven reliable for this style in recent years is Italy. Obviously, the leaders in that field are Elvenking, but over the past few years, up and coming band Vexillum have proven themselves to be quite the force as well. They emerged in 2004 under the name Shadow Vexillum, but never really took off until 2011, when they released their debut The Wandering Notes, which showed a ton of promise.

Album Reviews

Lanfear – This Harmonic Consonance Review

If you have not heard of these guys before I suggest you check out their earlier albums as they feature a lesson in melody and power a balance; a formula only a few bands can carefully construct. In regards to this new album you”ll find some interesting tweaks to the sound but the melody is still Lanfear, and perhaps not as heavy as their older material