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Powerwolf, Orden Ogan, Xandria – live O2 Academy, Islington London, 9 September 2015

Sometimes, somebody simply “gets it right”. Very often we cover gigs where the support bands are simply ‘on the same label’ as the headliner and the label is just looking to promote a band that has no place being in the same building as the main act as their musical styles are poles apart. Not so with this line up. Someone with a clear eye (and ear) for the right mix has wisely blended some of the finest symphonic and power metal you’ll find in Europe at the moment. As such a three band bill (that often can result in you standing there wishing the time away until the headline act appears) for once is very very welcome indeed.

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Powerwolf – Blessed & Possessed Review

One thing’s for sure: Powerwolf knows what their fans want, and they’re certainly willing and able to deliver it time and time again. Ever since their incredible third album Bible of the Beast, these Germans have stuck to a specific formula, using elements of classic German power metal as their base, and adding their own unique flavor with the use of church organs and the epic vocals of Attila Dorn, to go with their always fun lyrics, which mix together werewolves, vampires and religion in imaginative ways. Over the course of three albums the band has perfected this formula, with each album making minor refinements to the same basic template.

Album Reviews

Powerwolf – Preachers Of The Night Review

In short, Preachers Of The Night is every bit as awesome and impossibly catchy as its two predecessors, so Powerwolf fans can rest assured that they have delivered once again, while newcomers are just as well off starting here as they would be with Bible Of The Beast, as I’d say it stands with that one as being a very small step ahead of Blood Of The Saints. Either way, it offers some of the absolute best power metal there is. Which is to say, it’s pretty damn awesome!