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Fates Warning – A Pleasant Shade of Gray Expanded Review

Fates Warning’s epic A Pleasant Shade of Gray is one of those albums that from the moment I heard it all the way through, and every listen subsequently (and that is numerous,) I loved deeply and immensely. So much about it connected with me on a far deeper level than music listener or fan: it touched my soul, and very few albums have managed to do that with me.

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Conflicted – Never Be Tamed

While progressive metal is most certainly the backbone of the CONFLICTED sound, they also know how important it is to keep a melodic flow throughout a song, so while there are flashes here and there of technical virtuosity it is not laid on too thick as to turn less technical minded folk away. There is a strong power metal element here too, but once again it is never laid on too thick and just helps accentuate the overall sound…