Exclusive Interview With Octavio Custodio (Drums) (Disaffected)

we finished recording “Rebirth” we were pretty sure we had something really good on our hands. As such we sent a copy of our CD to a few record labels, Massacre Records included. We immediately had a few proposals back to study. All things considered, Massacre Records was the best deal

Album Reviews

Kartikeya – Mahayaga

First up let me say that this album is definitely one of the most interesting and exciting death metal albums I’ve listened to in quite a while and I’m sure with the right exposure this album could really make some massive inroads for the band and may well set them on a course for major success…

Album Reviews

Cholera – Prophecies Of Annihilation

The band play a brand of progressive death metal that manages to mix elements of traditional metal, progressive metal, extreme death metal and even some deathcore but somehow it remains a cohesive effort that is very easy on the ears…