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Ark Ascent – Downfall Review

Downfall is an interesting release, in that parts of the album show a confident, extremely talented band that clearly has the instrumental talents and songwriting to challenge the best prog bands in the world, but it also has some points where it comes up just a bit short, largely due to some weak vocal melodies and an inconsistent vocalist.

Album Reviews

Arch/Matheos – Winter Ethereal Review

Easily a more accessible album than some of their past work; so it should appeal to those who aren’t a bunch of nerds, though we nerds are certainly going crazy over the brilliance of Winter Ethereal

Album Reviews

Darkwater – Human Review

It’s an album that does have its share of fun and flashy moments but also manages to be very subtle at points, and it’s clearly a lovingly crafted album, with a ton of little details in each track.


John Petrucci of Dream Theater on New CD, Distance Over Time – The Idea of Getting Stale or Complacent Doesn’t Sit Well with Us!

Interview and Live Photos by Robert Cavuoto Dream Theater will be releasing their newest progressive-metal masterpiece, Distance Over Time on February 22nd via InsideOutMusic/Sony Music. The new CD lives up to Dream Theater’s reputation of a band who can blend well-crafted guitar and vocal melodies with the sheer brute force of progressive metal. It’s a […]