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Oceans of Time “Trust” Review

Genre: Progressive Power Metal Released by:Self-Released Release date: March 17, 2016 Line up: Ken Lyngfoss – Vocals Lazz Jensen – Guitars Geir Nilsen – Bass Nickolas Main Henriksen – Keys Nicolay Ryen Christiansen – Drums Track List: 1. Charon 2. Save You 3. Pray for the Dying 4. Trust 5. Show Me the Way 6. […]

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Viathyn – Cynosure Review

As a power metal fan from Canada where the genre isn’t exactly the most common, I always get extremely excited whenever I hear a power metal band from my country that blows me away. One of the bands that impressed me the most in recent years was Calgary’s Viathyn, with their epic debut The Peregrine Way, which offered up a seamless blend of power metal elements, prog elements, folk elements and symphonic elements, all topped off with some incredible guitar work and amazing melodies all around.

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Mindmaze – Back From the Edge Review

Twenty months after their extremely impressive debut Mask of Lies, American band Mindmaze is back and looking to step their game up even further with Back From the Edge. This time around, the band has brought in Symphony X bassist Mike Lepond as a session member

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Siren’s Cry – Scattered Horizons Review

So the album is astonishing. Despite of Symphony X influences I like it more than the last works of Symphony X themselves because Siren’s Cry is more interesting, fresh and innovative and has more catchy moments. If you like technical yet melodic Progressive Power Metal with good female voice; you should check this band out.

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Eclipse Prophecy – Days of Judgement Review

Some listeners could complain that the all songs are very monotonous and similar to each other, criticize that the keyboards are cheesy but I consider them only as minor flaws. I like the speed and melodic approaches here, it is very decent release and the unusual keyboards add some charm and originality. “Days of Judgement” is the awesome work for the debut album.

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Artlantica – Across The Seven Seas Review

The only real letdown of the album is “Demon In My Mind”, a very slow and plodding song which starts off interesting enough, but the chorus falls flat on its face, and the riffs just seem a little weaker and more repetitive on that one. I’m also not completely fond of the somewhat hard rock influenced verses of the title track, but the chorus is strong enough to save that song from being a disappointment.