Interview with Rody Walker (Lead Vocals) (Protest The Hero)

We certainly wouldn’t go back to a record label. We’ve become very comfortable as an independent unit, but I don’t know if we’d go back to Indiegogo because I think it would be disappointing if we were to do it again and it wasn’t so successful. I really don’t want to set myself up for such disappointment. I think we’ll just figure out a way to fund it ourselves, and there is a bunch of different options. At the end of the day it’s kinda tweedle-dum or tweedle-dee.

Album Reviews

Protest The Hero – Scurrilous

The band have done away with a lot of the ‘core inspired elements that originally made up their sound and have replaced them with their own unique take on modern progressive alternative music that draws just as much influence from bands like SYTEM OF A DOWN and ALIEN ANT FARM as it does math metal and modern radio rock…