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Psychotic Waltz – The God Shaped Void Review

Psychotic Waltz exited the Metal scene in 1997, right after having released the ‘Bleeding’ album. Some live shows that started in 2011 were a signal of some activities at the Psychotic Waltz camp, but a new album was still far out of sight. Songwriting for the new album though started in this period and it took another 7 years to finish off what began in 2012. Being at a different location, with Devon Graves living in Europe, made the process at least not easier with a lot of data traffic between the band members as a consequence, but they managed. Having had the chance to listen to the new album ‘The God-Shaped Void’ clearly shows that every minute spent for the new album during the last 7 years was worth the investment. ‘The God-Shaped Void’ is for sure a highlight in 2020 and an unofficial nominee for the 2020 year polls.