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Artizan The Furthest Reaches Review

Artizan are a band I have been fond of since their first album in 2011. Masterminded by drummer Ty Tammeus, they blazed a trail on the melodic power metal world with a truly impactful mark on an oftentimes droll and repetitive genre. I’ve said it before, and will keep saying, there are some amazing bands on the power metal scene, but there are an equal amount of bands that are so derivative I find it tough to enjoy most of them.

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Rizon – Masquerade Review

One thing that does set them apart from most other bands of this genre is the fact of having a male and female singer. I’d probably like it a lot more if it was only the female voice. Seraina Telli’s vocals are powerful and beautiful, whereas Matthias Götz voice isn’t bad per se, it’s just not very unique beyond having a (laugh if you will) almost pirate quality to it. It just didn’t appeal to me.

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Artizan – Curse Of The Artizan

The guitars reach an interesting climax that holds the songs together once again in the tune “Fading Story’ and the last tune the Epic title track prowls its way forward with sense and conviction incorporating all the metal elements that make great bands stand up and get noticed.

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Stargazery – Eye On The Sky

So I must say it’s very refreshing to be able to consider this album as pure and simple good old HEAVY METAL. Sure, there are some power metal and melodic metal elements here, but both of those genres stemmed from traditional metal anyway. For comparisons look no further than DIO, ASTRAL DOORS and Tony Martin era BLACK SABBATH…