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Ramblin’ Man Fair – Review, Saturday July 20 2019

Frontman Robin Zander, dressed head to foot in what looked like a white air force uniform with the stars and stripes tucked into his side, looked and sounded like the epitome of an American rock star.

Live Gig Photos

RavenEye live at Voodoo Lounge, Dublin on 26th April, 2015

But the real highlight of the night didn’t take place on stage, glancing over now and again I noticed a young man at the front, who probably hadn’t yet discovered the wonders of a disposable razor, looking totally transfixed at what he was seeing. And in 1968 in the Great Hall in the University of Surrey, some other young man was probably having the experience when witnessing a pubescent Led Zeppelin. The world needs a new breed of rock gods, and with the term Legends In The Making been bandied about way too loosely in the past, it’s fitting is perfect with RavenEye.

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RavenEye – Breaking Out Review

If you were to catch me by surprise and ask me right now who my vote for new band of the year would be, I would have little or no hesitation in telling you RavenEye. The Milton Keynes based blues rock trio are made up of singer and guitarist Oli Brown, drummer Kev Hickman and bassist and Aussie native Aaron Spiers.