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Redemption – Long Night’s Journey Into Day Review

I was cautiously optimistic before hearing Long Night’s Journey Into Day, and thankfully it managed to exceed my best expectations and has become both my favorite album from Redemption, as well as my favorite album involving Tom S. Englund in quite some time.


Redemption The Art of Loss News

The last time progressive metal super-group Redemption wowed fans and critics alike with their fifth album

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Eumeria – Rebel Mind

I was a fan of Outworld’s release in 2006 so I was looking for that kind of punch on the band’s first debut record titled “Rebel Mind”. Also for those shredders and guitar freaks I’ve heard some good things about the band’s guitar player Reece Fullwood, a master shredder per say. The guy has some freak ability on the strings and some of that can be heard on Eumeria’s new record.

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Redemption – Snowfall On Judgement Day

When closely inspecting the American Progressive Metal scene, one does realize that there is just simply not enough bands out there that fit into the genre, apart from the veterans and pioneers that are Dream Theater…