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Kris Barras Band, Light It Up – Review

It has the familiarity of its predecessor without simply copying the formula. The ‘if it ain’t broke’ approach underpins the album enough to immediately feel at home from the off but the added input from the band and Josiah’s production give ‘Light It Up’ something new to latch on to as well.

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Bloodstock Open Air 2019: Sunday August 11 – Four stage thunderous climax closes festival in style.

In between the jokes and banter with the crowd, Dani Filth and Mother Nature, the music, which saw tracks from his new opus ‘For The Love of Metal’ sit comfortably alongside Twisted Sister classics, got everyone bouncing and singing back to one of the best front men that rock has seen over the last 40 or so years.

Album Releases Album Reviews CD Releases


 Genre: HARD ROCK Release date: Out Now Released by: Listenable Records   Line up: Rusty Brown – Vocals, Pete Robinson – Guitar and vocals, Alex Raunjak – Bass, Brett Wood – Guitar and vocals, Paul (Spyda) Marrett – Drums,   Tracklist: Gimme Love Hold onto What You Got How Do You Do It Sorry Baby […]