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Kelly Keeling – Mind Radio Review

The name Kelly Keeling is pretty known in the Hard Rock/AOR world, yet sadly not as widespread as it should. Since his days fronting Baton Rouge in 1990 he has become synonymous with some of the best singers on the scene, like James Christian, Jeff Scott Soto, Jimi Jamison and countless others. No matter what band or recording his name is attached too you can bet that it is going to be a strong album, at least vocally. I have been a fan for a long time now, and can’t think of an album off the top of my head that he sang on that I wasn’t a pretty big fan of; from Baton Rouge to John Norum to King Kobra- his soulful voice has always entertained me.

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Skinkage – Tyrants Review

EP’s are one of those things that even when I love them, I hate them. I hate them because there is typically very few songs on them, which if the band isn’t good then I guess it’s a good thing, but if it’s a band I love, it just pisses me off and leaves me wanting more. When it happens to be an aggressive band that I love, it pisses me off even more because the brutality makes me want to break stuff AND there aren’t enough songs on it. This is what I encountered with the new Skinkage EP Tyrants.

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Cattle Decapitation – The Anthropocene Extinction Review

I love Cattle Decapitation. From the moment I heard the name I knew I had to check them out. I was not disappointed when I did. Lucky enough I was already getting more and more into extreme metal at the time, and they are one of the best extreme metal bands out there. Combining Death and Grindcore to make their own distinct sound, they have been carving out their piece of the metal world for 19 years now.

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Rivers of Nihil – Monarchy Review

When a band records a first album that is so amazing, you wonder if that band will be able to follow it up and come even close to its greatness. Look at a band like GNR: Appetite For Destruction remains one of the greatest hard rock albums ever recorded, yet they never were able to achieve that same level of awesome.

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Killer Khan – Kill Devil Hills Review

My writing has given me so much satisfaction in my life. Not necessarily the writing itself, but certainly most of the events leading up to it, and some aspects that have remained with me forever. I have seen some amazing bands, heard some incredible music, and made some wonderful friends in my 43 years of life; made memories I will never forget, and forged relationships that have meant more to me through my love of music than most people will realize

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Hibria – Hibria Review

Hibria is a band I’ve had some serious ups and downs with. Most notably, the Brazilians started off strong with their heavily speed metal influenced debut Defying the Rules, a more classic sounding power metal album that left me impressed, while their third album Blind Ride introduced more modern elements and left me with some pretty mixed feelings. Between my disappointment with that album, and news about further lineup changes for their one, I wasn’t terribly excited about the band moving forward at that point.

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Wulfhook – The Impaler Review

I have said it before and I will say it again: I am a lucky man when it comes to getting to write about bands. The many years I have been doing this I have managed to discover some bands that have absolutely blown me away and remained a constant in my life from that moment forward. Of course, for every album I listen to that I love; there are at least 10 more that I have had to work my way through that has been the complete opposite. After wading through a sea of crap it’s nice to find an album that I connect with.

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Soulfly – Archangel Review

Soulfly has been releasing a new album roughly every two years since their initial formation back in the mid-late nineties. This is all thanks to the legendary Max Cavalera, who has pretty much dedicated his life to Metal. It has been less than a year since the release of Pandemonium from his other band Cavalera Conspiracy, that was formed in 2007 with his brother Igor Cavalera Jr. Creating new material has become a second nature for Max, and Soulfly fans couldn’t be happier. I am personally thankful that I don’t have to wait five, ten or even fifteen years for a new album. It has been roughly two years since their 2013 release of Savages and with an ever growing style, I couldn’t wait to see what Archangel, the tenth studio album was going to consist of.

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Krisiun – Forged In Fury Review

For nearly thirty years, Krisiun have released eleven blood-thirsty albums filled with gruelling vocals, gripping instrumentals and rapid soul crushing drumming flairs. Their 2011 album The Great Execution, embodied all of those elements into one brutalicious enjoyment. It has been four years since the aforementioned release, and they have been tirelessly on the road touring ever since. The time has now finally arrived for their twelfth album, Forged in Fury.