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Blackmore’s Night – All our Yesterdays Review

All Our Yesterdays, the tenth studio album from folk rock band Blackmore’s Night introduces the listener to their distinctive sound with the title track which manifests the sounds of Singer Candices’ Russian origins. Although it’s a catchy folk tune it wouldn’t be the greatest opener in my opinion.

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Blackmore’s Night – Dancer and the Moon Review

The music is very lovely and certainly takes some skill to perform, but much like many of Blackmore’s old school fans, I long for the day he brings out the Fender full time and gets back to shredding.

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Blackmore’s Night – Autumn Sky

I guess in a way it works for Blackmore and company, I mean always being the secretive and private person that he was from his more commercial days with his previous bands, the man was a mystery all in itself. As unique and odd as anything you will ever admire, but his guitar playing and musicianship was genius!!!.