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Aiséirí – The All Ireland Metal Project (Album 1)

Who remembers the Roadrunner United Album (The All-Star Sessions) released in 2006? No? Then look it up after checking out Aiséirí. Released on September 17th 2021, Aiséirí (the Irish word for resurrection or resurgence) is the first offering (of three) from the All Ireland Metal Project. The All Ireland Metal Project is a national initiative […]

Album Releases


Lynyrd Skynyrd are now back for the very first time with the ultimate Vinyl Box set featuring all their incredible hits in a mixture of studio recordings and live EP’s guaranteed to satisfy any fan. Building their initial career on touring (particular stand out live performances being ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ and ‘Free Bird’) it seems only right that the live tracks from the album ‘One more on the road’ are included.