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Palace of the King – White Bird/Burn The Sky Review

I’m going to say it straight off the bat. It’s been a hell of a long time since I heard a debut album that was this damn good. In fact, I’m not even sure who it would be. One thing’s for sure…if you didn’t know this was a debut, you’d think this was at least the third album from a band who’d been doing the rounds for a few years.

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21st Century Goliath – Back with a Vengeance Review

I must admit, Charlotte’s 21st Century Goliath’s 2012’s debut Radio Destroyer slipped through my radar. My music attentions are mainly stuck in the classic rock genre, but when the opening chords of opener, Welcome To The Dark Side, rang out, I got a buzz that I haven’t got from an album since Tesla’s Mechanical Resonance.