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Galaxy – Runwaway Men Review

Hopefully, with the release of Runaway Men, Galaxy will be inspired to create more music. This is the type of Prog Rock that has commercial appeal as well. The songs can impact all types of music lovers. I hope this album is heard by people. This is yet another musical surprise for me this year.

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Crobot – Feel This Review

‘Feel This’ is an emotional album that sounds authentic. Crobot unleashes the beast of rock’n’roll and doesn’t try to tame it. It is the pure energy that runs free with the quartet in the driver’s seat. Modern and sophisticated hard rock in the `20s should sound like what you get offered on ‘Feel This’. Let’s rock.

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Shaman’s Harvest and Theory Of A Deadman live at Mars Music Hall, Von Braun Center in Huntsville, AL on February 15th, 2022

Tours long in the making due to Covid have finally seem to be making it’s way through towns in America. This was the case with the many times reschduel Theory of a Deadman tour that finally got it’s barrings and hit Huntsville. The atmosphere was packed this brisk Tuesday evening in the Rocket city. With the convenice of the venue so close to downtown and the regular crowd of rockers that always show up for these shows all queue up, we couldn’t wait to step once more into a new year filled wiht promise and hopefully more live gigs.

Album Reviews

Trigger Mafia – The Brotherhood Review

The band flirts with those tiny bits of sounds and pieces here and there to make their classic melodic hardrock sound original, diverse and authentic, and this can be heard throughout the whole album. Other highlights are the uptempo classic rocker Devil Woman, the instrumental 70s pomprocking Great Big Genius, the 70s RUSH/TRIUMPH ish classic prog/rocker The Brotherhood Song (which also has a bit of southern rock influences) and the 70s HANOI ROCKS/NEW YORK DOLLS ish glamrocker Backyard Barbeque. Without a doubt, a must-hear band to check out if you want to hear high class original Melodic Hardrock!