Broken Machine – LA’s Indie Grunge Rock Revivalists, Announce New Single ‘Fly Me to the Sun’

With an in-your-face rhythm section, soaring guitar leads, and evocative vocal melodies and harmonies, Broken Machine’s sonic palette is equal parts moody, cathartic, and angst-forward, think Alice In Chains and Stone Temple Pilots meet  Foo Fighters.

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Duel – Valley of Shadows Review

DUEL is from Austin, Texas and they feature two ex-members of the Nuclear Blast Records signed band Scorpion Child. With DUEL, they seem to go into a more Doom/70s Proto-Metal Black Sabbath direction, which could already be heard on their great previous albums Fears of the dead (2016) and Witchbanger (2017), but DUEL also has the classic 70s hard rock guitar riffs, guitar solo’s and some killer choruses (like on their first couple of records during songs like Devil, Heart of the sun and This old crow).