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Descendant – Pass The Ammunition

PASS THE AMMO is a mixture of classic sounding heavy metal, modern hard rock and grunge that is very rock based but has a slightly harder edge that gives it some metal cred. You may think that trying to merge all of these styles into one would end up sounding a little underdeveloped and messy, and unfortunately you’d be right…

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Jaded – Higher EP

Closing track “Hear me now” is a catchy uptempo Melodic Heavy Rocker that reminds a lot of THE DONNAS, yet with some awesome guitarwork included as well. So, this mini-CD starts off quite heavy during the first 2 tracks, a bit modern and very groovy Metal based, which isn’t bad either, but the 3 other cuts are definitely more interesting as these are all very strong Melodic Hardrock based tunes.

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Debauchery – Germany’s Next Death Metal

For those that are yet to hear the band I guess the best way describe them is they play dirty bar band rock ‘n’ roll music that draws its inspiration from MOTORHEAD, KROKUS and AC/DC, but then layered on top of that is a large amount of old-school styled death metal vocals and the occasional banshee-like wail…

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Jebediah – Kosciuszko

It would seem that the guys from JEBEDIAH have taken this into account and have launched a comeback album of their own that takes their signature style and infuses it with modern pop rock sensibilities to varying degrees of success…

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The Jan Holberg Project – Sense Of Time

Jan actually landed none other than the AOR master Joe Lynn Turner to lend his amazing vocal talents to the whole album, well minus the two instrumental tracks of course…

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American Speedway – A Bigger Boat

They provide some solid musicianship on different levels, the guitar the drumming are both insanely fast and provide a blitz of melody and punkish destructiveness. Is hard to judge a record like this when you know damn well the genre is has a pretty well defined sound, but for what it’s worth I thought it was a nice record …


Interview With Order Of Voices

On the morning after our first gig in Holland, I took us on a fairly long van journey on the wrong side of the road, it wasn’t until a car coming the other way around a round-about swerved around me that I realised we weren’t in England any more! We were all pretty ‘tired’ after the previous gig!..

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Tommy James – A Night In Big City…Plus

As if that wasn’t enough to be worth your money, there are also eight…count ‘em again…eight bonus tracks that have been collected from various B-sides and unreleased demos from between 1974 to 1991. They vary in quality but each is a worthy addition and something that fans will want to delve into for sure…

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Los Bastardos Finlandeses – Saved By Rock ‘n’ Roll

If imitation is still the greatest form of flattery, then it’s quite obvious that LOS BASTARDOS FINLANDESES must love MOTORHEAD a lot. The simple fact is that everything about this album reminds me of something you would usually hear from Lemmy and co…

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Foo Fighters – Wasting Light

there is few heavier and less commercial tracks on the disc that will surely please fans of the band’s earlier works, but if you have enjoyed the more radio-friendly side of the FOO FIGHTERS fear not as there is still plenty of that stuff to be found too…