Interview With Order Of Voices

On the morning after our first gig in Holland, I took us on a fairly long van journey on the wrong side of the road, it wasn’t until a car coming the other way around a round-about swerved around me that I realised we weren’t in England any more! We were all pretty ‘tired’ after the previous gig!..

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Tommy James – A Night In Big City…Plus

As if that wasn’t enough to be worth your money, there are also eight…count ‘em again…eight bonus tracks that have been collected from various B-sides and unreleased demos from between 1974 to 1991. They vary in quality but each is a worthy addition and something that fans will want to delve into for sure…

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Los Bastardos Finlandeses – Saved By Rock ‘n’ Roll

If imitation is still the greatest form of flattery, then it’s quite obvious that LOS BASTARDOS FINLANDESES must love MOTORHEAD a lot. The simple fact is that everything about this album reminds me of something you would usually hear from Lemmy and co…

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Foo Fighters – Wasting Light

there is few heavier and less commercial tracks on the disc that will surely please fans of the band’s earlier works, but if you have enjoyed the more radio-friendly side of the FOO FIGHTERS fear not as there is still plenty of that stuff to be found too…

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Los Lonely Boys – Rockpango

This new album ROCKPANGO (which loosely translates to ROCK PARTY) sees the band trying a few new things while still retaining that insatiable tex-mex feeling that gained them their success in the first place. There’s a load of SANTANA inspired Latin rock to be found on the disc, while some funk rock, Texas blues and even some alternative rock also flows throughout…

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Baton Rogue Morgue – High End Of The Season

Yes, simple fact…. I really enjoyed this album and try as I might there really isn’t that much to complain about. Maybe if anything I would have preferred a bit more gusto on the guitar effects and maybe a bit more lower-end on the production in general, but keeping in mind this is self-released project I am more than willing to look over these minor discrepancies and just appreciate the great music to be found in the disc.

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Corsair – Ghosts Of Proxima Centauri

Raw, direct, edgy, punchy and odd are all words that can be associated with this new album from Charlottesville natives CORSAIR and if you are a fan of stoner rock, space rock or progressive rock listen up as GHOSTS OF PROXIMA CENTAURI is sure to be a treat for your ears…

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Whitesnake – Forevermore

Here it is folks…. The best album of 2011 winner is FOREVERMORE by WHITESNAKE!! “What?” I hear you saying… “But it’s only March, how can he do that?” Well, I guess there’s a possibility of a better album coming along some time this year but man it seems unlikely so for now just stick with me…