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Sunstorm – Brothers In Arms Review

Ronnie Romero is certainly one of the busiest singers these days. He was a part of the recent Michael Schenker Group album, released a solo record, and not forget Lords Of Black, the band that was both a start and a springboard for Romero.

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Ronnie Romero – Raised On Radio Review

dig cover albums, especially when they’re done well and they’re not the same songs everyone else covers. It’s easy for the performer to record these types of albums as they’re probably tunes they’ve loved all their lives, and they’ll probably start their careers singing in their early lives in cover bands. It gives them a chance to take it easy for a bit. You don’t have to buy it, and I would imagine the artist isn’t necessarily banking their career on it.

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VANDENBERG – 2020 album review

‘Shout’ is a thumping, call to action, epic of a track, which is sure to be a crowd pleaser when the guys tour later this year.  Whilst ‘Shitstorm’ has that kind of intro that you know is going to build to a kick ass tune and it does not disappoint.

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I never wanted success but my brother always craved it. Michael Schenker discusses sibling rivalries

America was so excited to have them come over, then they left my picture out. I had a contract with them as the sixth-member for the album……, breach of contract. So, by leaving my name– my face out, Rudolf was able to fabricate an appearance over there as if nobody is missing.